Lightest Module In the Market

Extremely stable and light as it uses the original API without any extra services.

Secure Like A Castle

Our Modules use native whmcs functions which makes it as secure as WHMCS itself

We Speak XenAPI

Servarica Modules uses Native XenAPI to control citrix xenserver and xensource


If you run a VPS hosting company then you can understand the need to let the customers have as much control over their VPS as possible. A lot of times the customer needs action fast from your staff when a server locks up or a project is coming due, but they just destroyed the operating system. This module allows your customers more control then ever, and right from the client page of WHMCS. This module provides complete life cycle management of your customers VPS from time of setup to time of termination

General features

  • Easy VM Provision with wide range of OSs (CentOs, Debian, ubuntu and windows server)
  • Full VM control
  • Full VM info
  • Support latest XenServer Version
  • Support latest WHMCS version
  • Support PHP7
  • Auto assign ip addresses on new orders
  • Support VM multiple IPs
  • Bandwidth Billing
  • Support Debug mode and whmcs module logging
  • Useful and clear wiki documentation
  • Full utilization of XenAPI which results in :
  • More Security : no extra services running on Xen machine
  • Lightweight on the server
  • More stability : stability of the module is the same as XenApi stability

Clients Panel

  • Show VM info (Host,IP, Password, Registration Date, Bandwidth Usage, etc.. )
  • Detect VM current power state (Running, Halted, Paused)
  • Basic VM Control (Boot, Shutdown, Reboot)
  • VM Change Root Password (clients can reset their VMs password)
  • VM ReInstall (can select OS from allowed templates list)
  • VM SnapShots (list, create, delete)
  • VM Console (noVNC console page for Linux/Windows, still work even if SSH is off)
  • VM Graph/Stats (statistics graph for HD,Net,CPUs,RAM Usage)
  • VM mount CD (can mount an ISO file from Server Storage Repository)

Admins Panel

  • Login as user (user side panel)
  • Show VM Full info (Password, Bandwidth Usage,Home Server, Resources)
  • VM Full control (Create, suspend, Terminate, reboot, pause, shutdown)
  • VM reinstall
  • VM change root password
  • VM Console
  • VM change CPUs
  • VM change RAM size
  • VM change Disk size
  • VM run boot commands (run as root on next startup)
  • VM SnapShots
  • VM Mount CD
  • Show VM Graph/Stats
  • Show full vm record data (Xen API)

Provision new VPS (CentOs,Debian and ubuntu and windows server)


Terminate VPS


Suspend VPS


Detect VM power state (running or shutdown)


Show how long the VM has been running


Boot, Restart, Shutdown VM


Command history


IP addresses management(auto assign ip addresses on new orders)



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